Arrested Development

Disclaimer: I wrote this post in a fit of rage.

My mother did not have a good childhood. Her father was physically present but emotionally void. Her mother, a former nun, battled depression. They were a fairly regular middle class family, but her father hoarded their money forcing them to live below their means. I remember hearing these stories and dreaming of traveling back in time to make my mother’s childhood memories sunny and filled with lovely family time, much like the childhood I remember.  I was young so at the time I thought a fancy comforter and a few board games would do the trick.

Now my memories are a jigsaw puzzle of conversations from car rides, shopping trips, museum outings and luncheons. As mentioned before, I contacted my Uncle Harry, my mother’s younger brother (played by Beau Bridges).  After sending my inquiry he called my father.  Rather than go into an ‘I am an adult’ rant I think I’ll give my soapbox collection a rest.  So if we’re telling secrets, I hadn’t told my father about mamaquest so much as I hadn’t mentioned it at all. I had my reasons. Don’t worry, my father and I spoke. He gave me his blessing. Just spit-balling here but he should write a book about how to be a great father, because he said, “If writing the blog makes you happy, then you should do it. I just don’t want you to worry about me.” Yes, ok, Dad, I won’t worry about you. First I just need to call Neo so he can plug me back in.

Crisis, I thought, had been avoided and the quest was back on! Then today I received an email from Uncle Harry. I thought ‘first interview here I come!’ But no one is going anywhere. He said he didn’t want to do a video interview, to which I said fine in hopes that once I arrived he would change his mind. No, he also declined to speak with me in person or give me any pictures that would be put on ‘the internet.’ You might be asking, ‘Why pray tell?’

Well my NRA-loving, conspiracy theorist of an uncle thinks the CIA and the FBI are after him. It’s embarrassing, but true. To maintain his anonymity he’d like to steer clear of the interwebs. I may think it’s selfish but I guess that’s my issue. Onward and upward.

Clarification: 1. Since this post wasn’t written in a fit of rage due to a very insulting and curt email I received earlier, I would like to clarify. I am not in the business of making anyone do anything they don’t want to. I don’t want to censor. I want to be sensitive to my readers. These are aspirations and intent. I’m not always so good with follow through. I respect my Uncle’s decision and will no longer push the issue with him, but I wish he had been more respectful and I wish he had the decency to just give me a call and talk about it. 2. One of my very smart readers caught a clarification I did not make about the CIA. Here is an excerpt, “the CIA is a government agent focusing solely on foreign affairs… unless he [your uncle] is a foreign national or living on foreign soil, the CIA could care less.”



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6 responses to “Arrested Development

  1. Alex

    I’ve been following this blog for a while. I randomly stumbled upon it while going through wordpress blogs. I am your age and I’ve lost both of my parents, so I appreciate somebody going through the process of grieving by doing something like this, however I disagree with most of your assessments. We all have parents who have died or will die. Death is a part of life, as I’m sure you are aware. We are in no special fraternity or club. I haven’t commented on here, as your efforts have been valiant, but I have to raise one issue I have with this particular entry. You seem smart enough to string sentences together coherently, but maybe you should do more research if you’re going to make your thought public and accessible. You do realize that the CIA is a government agent focusing solely on foreign affairs. You should let your uncle know that unless he is a foreign national or living on foreign soil, the CIA could care less about him.

    • Not sure my Uncle and I will be engaging in a lot of repartee, but yes I do realize that no is following him. Unfortunately that does not change the fact that he actually thinks several people are after him. Thank you for making the point about the CIA — it is one I wasn’t really thinking about because it is ridiculous that he thinks anyone is after him in the first place. I’ll make a note in it. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

      • Jon

        Your uncle must subscribe to the “just because you think someone may be following you, it doesn’t mean that they’re not” school of thought. Nothing wrong with that – just change everyone’s names to protect the…innocent.

      • Good suggestion! That actually may have been more fun to make up names… I’ll see what I can do for future total secret VIPs. 🙂

  2. james m.

    Another thing…You scrubbed my earlier comments. Although they were not eloquent, they were indeed sincere. Thanks.

    • James, I appreciate your comments and that you read the blog. It has nothing to do with eloquence. I just really cannot have profanity on my forum. Please try to be respectful. I have no problem with you disagreeing with me. In response to your other comment, where you pointed out that I seem to be a typical liberal mass girl until someone disagrees with me. I was initially very upset with how curt my Uncle was with me, as if we were complete strangers. I should have explained it better, but I asked if he would do a video interview but he said he would rather not. I said ok but maybe I could just swing by and we could talk. He said no to that as well. He told other people, not me, that he was concerned that I would ask intrusive questions. I really just wanted to know what kind of kid my mom was. I’m not sure political affiliation has a lot to do with it, but you are 100% right. I should not have reacted in a ‘fit of rage.’ He’s a nice guy. If he doesn’t want to contribute, he doesn’t have to. C’est la vie.

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