Be Active: Read, Engage and Remember to Laugh

I’ve been consuming everywhere I can. Magazines. Movies. This glorious rap I’m about to introduce you to (see the end). Books. It’s a fairly ubiquitous feeling to be seduced by the couch, remote, and HäagenDazs ménage à trois, but it’s a pretty much a ticket to restlessness.

Recent Read

I loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book Committed. In Committed, Liz searches internationally and within her own lineage to explore what marriage means and how to reach the happily ever after sans divorce. It reminded me of all the rumination my mother and I engaged in regarding the subject of marriage, how to define it and how to avoid being the woman behind the man. I believe her dream for me was to meet a man I would overshadow. Who am I to deny my mother her wish?

Having an Engaging Release

I have also been researching more grant opportunities. A very sweet friend, and Mama Quest supporter, told me I could apply to use the license of a non-profit, sort of like an affiliate, to legitimize my slowly burgeoning movement T2A. Thought I’d share in case anyone else is looking to do the same. I have also been boning up on research supporting the benefits of artistic expression. It’s been fascinating and I’m excited to share my findings soon!

I would like to clarify something since I’ve received some questioning comments about the mission of my site and the objective of T2A. Mama Quest and T2A are meant to serve as a release. It is not a how-to guide on grief or a declaration that I know how to grieve better than anyone else knows how to grieve. Unlike a book, the blog is malleable and I can bend to you!

With Grief There’s No One Size Fits All

When I was perusing the aisles of Barnes & Noble looking for self-help books about dealing with grief, I found that 1) they were for older people who had lost even older people. There are similarities. I just went to the funeral of my 95-year-old aunt whose lovely children were so sad. You could see how much they would miss their mother. I will miss their mother too, but of course in a different way. Their grief is a type of grief I have not experienced, so the books just sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me. 2) In addition to being dwarfed by the much more fun dating and sex section, these books seemed apprehensive to be happy or to advise on what would make you happy. Now I’m not an expert on the subject of grief, but I can tell you what I have found does help, as I do in Total Eclipse of the Heart and Discoveries.  I encourage you to share your thoughts by commenting on the site or catching me on (Especially if you’ve found a good book or a helpful site) T2A isn’t necessarily healing but it can be a release and an open forum to elicit thought. I’d love to hear from you. 


Now the best rap song about health food that I have ever heard. One even my mom would have to approve of.


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