Starting a New Mourning Tradition

As I mentioned in my last post, Creating New Mourning Traditions, I think that traditional funerals and wakes in the U.S. would certainly benefit from a makeover. Change would especially help those who are hosting an event like a funeral and a wake if these traditions didn’t come with so much stress and pressure to act proper. 

In this video, I start my exploration of other traditions from small groups and international cultures. My first experiment begins with an immortelle, a wreath hailing from New Orleans. (If you find my rambling too much, skip to the end. There’s a great song waiting for you!)

Here is a picture of the final product:


An Immortelle for my mom. If you make one, pass it along. I'd love to see it.



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2 responses to “Starting a New Mourning Tradition

  1. I love this post. Although I find myself writing my way through it at present, it may be useful at some point in the future to do something like this. It surprises me that there’s so little that really talks about loss in the age of social networking, through forums and such. Can it really be that rare a thing?

    • Very few people teach us how to talk about grief. There’s no right or wrong way but when my mother passed away it was foreign to me, it took a while to even figure out how to express what I was feeling. There are resources out there, but everyone is different and everyone has a different journey. One commenter told me that people who have experienced loss don’t belong to some special club, that may be true but we can definitely be a community of people figuring it out together. Cheers! Lauren

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