How My Mother Taught Me Love’s True Definition

One of the most valuable lessons my mother taught me was about love. Somewhere before puberty and after I learned to read big words my mother informed me of her dismay with my lackluster household contribution. Being young and well versed in theatrical conflict, I shot back. “But, Mom, I love you!”

I’d like to think I have a good ‘I love you’ face. That is not the case. True to form my mother harbored a far superior retort than a plain ‘I love you’. “Love is not about saying it. It’s about showing it.” She further explained that anyone can say it but a select few actually know how to put those words into action.  In this case showing my mom that I loved her meant helping out more around the house.

I was absolutely stunned by this revelation. Immediately I thought, have the soap operas I watch behind my mother’s back led me astray? Generally when someone says ‘I love you’, crisis is averted! With my reality shaken I asked, “What about married people?” My mother explained that being one half of a romantic relationship means making your partner feel special like a VIP, (very important person). I don’t always heed my mother’s advice but when it comes to love I know I should.

Discovery #7 is a mantra to remember. Make it a priority to show your loved ones that you love them and that they are very special people. I struggle with being proactive on this one so please feel free to hold me to it.

How do you show your VIPS you love them? I’d love to hear from you!


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