My Breast Cancer Awareness Post

Pink Ribbon Donuts

A pink ribbon where a pink ribbon should never be.

Today I am participating in a blog swap with these bloggers News From Italy, Anne from Oxfordshire, Ciao Amalf, Bell’Avventura Tripping Through Life, My Bella Vita, On my way 2 work and Other Stuff, Maremma Guide, Modenus Blog, Aglio Olio e Peperoncino, Frutto della Passione, Bleeding Espresso, Mamma felice.

The blog swap is for breast cancer awareness month. Instead of writing I created a short video to explain how I feel about pink ribbons and where I think we should be focusing our energy and attention.



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8 responses to “My Breast Cancer Awareness Post

  1. FANTASTIC! I’m in!
    What an excellent point. We don’t have these products on our European shelves yet. Thank goodness! And thanks for joining in!!!!

    • Thanks! It’s very interesting that there are no pink ribbon products in Europe yet. I’d be interested to see how they are promoted once they are there. Cheers! L

  2. Excellent point. I have read articles about this in the past but these kinds of products are not available in Italy – yet. Loved the video.

  3. It was good to meet you via the Breast Cancer Awareness Day and thankyou so much for tweeting my post. as others have said we fortunately do not have these products in Italy, great video.

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  5. Rin-rin

    I donated 12 inches to Pantene!!

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