Interview with Brother Mike: Remembering Our Mom

One of my goals for MamaQuest is to create a short documentary to showcase how influential and unique my mother truly was. It’s been a slow and intimidating process. I’ve said that people seem apprehensive, but to be honest I may have projected my feeling onto my perspective subjects. I find it a million times harder to talk to people who knew my mother well than to complete strangers and well, the people inside the computers. Just the other day I ran into her oncologist at the hospital. She said how amazing my mother was in such an intensely genuine way that I nearly burst into tears and ran away like a child. I didn’t, but the desire was real. What kind of adult feels that way? As it turns out, a lot. I did some independent research and found I’m not alone.

After that run-in, I decided to turn things around and become dedicated to filming more interviews. I faced my fear head on by interviewing my brother Mike. Mike is 8 years older than me. He spoiled me with Barbies and piggy back rides when I just a tyke. These days he spoils me with eggs benedict on Christmas morning and remodeling services for any and every crappy apartment I rent. I have always looked up to him. He is one of the smartest and most kind people I’ve ever known.

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