Why My Mom Had Good Husband Picking Skills

Currently I am in search of a new career path. I have been traveling a lot and working on several things with varied success since July thinking that I would be moving to Minneapolis in January. Recently my plans changed.

errrr hmmm

errrr hmmm

My boyfriend and I broke up. I was head over heels in love with him. I was heart fluttering every time he walked in the room, like his crazy baby name ideas, put more salt in my chicken soup to make him happy, wear sneakers with my jeans (blasphemy, I know) kind of in love with him. It was a cruel realization when our obstacles were insurmountable. In short, we let each other down and I’m heartbroken.

While I have no interest in dating in the near or distant near future, I do have an extensive post-breakup reading list including Zen and the Art of Living and Dying, The Art of Loving and Emotional Intelligence 2.0. I’m also in need of a new 2011 life plan.

This Saturday I’m looking at a health and wellness program. I feel so at home in that world probably because my parents constantly made sure we ate well and stayed active. Growing up I knew our family lifestyle was different than others. Now when I look around I can’t help but hear Buffalo Springfield singing For What It’s Worth. Of course in my scenario people will be losing limbs because of diabetes, not guns. I hope to fight this disheartening inevitability.

Then last week I came to my father to tell him that my extended stay/”real” life hiatus was going to last a tad longer than planned. I shared my new plan to get into health and fitness and some of my travel plans while explaining my need to take some time to figure out what to put my energy into next. Moving abroad. Moving to San Fran. Ending childhood obesity in my hometown. Je ne sais pas.

My father’s response to all this staunch cubicle-aversion:

You can take a long as you need to figure out what you want to do next. Finding something that you enjoy doing is hard work as strange as that sounds. Love, Dad.

Like I said, my mom had good husband picking out skills.

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