My Word is Cultivator

Recently I extended a challenge for people to come up with their word. (What is your word?) There were a ton of great comments. I love when people reach out. I encourage everyone to share in the comment section so we can all enjoy although I know some people feel more comfortable reaching out to me directly, which is an embarrassment of riches!

Some words people came up with included: Adversity. Balance. Passion. Accept. Strength. Sesquipedalian. Seek.

Finding a word is challenging. I thought maybe I had found my word when I came across ebullient, which means bursting with enthusiasm. I love life. I love people. I love writing. I love bad days and good days. But still ebullient isn’t it.

Then yesterday I came across IT. Cultivator – n. A farm implement equipped with shovels, blades, etc, used to break up soil and remove weeds. A person or thing that cultivates. A person who grows, tends, or improves plants or crops.

This word feels right. I take it to mean that I help to cultivate the success of others. There is nothing more amazing than seeing a friend, family member or complete stranger do what they love and share it with the world successfully. Encouraging one another and helping each other succeed is what leads to significant, lasting change. And some even theorize that helping others is the only true road to happiness. It’s called a helper’s high! Read more at What We Get When We Give on Psychology Today.


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