The Pink Debate: Can’t we use boobs for good?

The Article

I just read this article Welcome, Fans, to the Pinking of America from the New York Times.

A majority of the article is an interview with Nancy G. Brinker, founder of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Here are the highlights. Susan G. Komen raises more money than any other charity, $420 million last year alone. Her opponents say the pinking distracts from the issue, makes light of breast cancer’s severity and essentially “it exploits cancer by turning it into an excuse to go shopping.”

Komen’s sister is a PR dream come true. She certainly missed her calling in politics with brilliant lines like this one: “Until we make more progress on the treatment side, on the understanding of what’s causing breast cancer, what are people like us to do, stop talking about it?”

The Soapbox Excitement

Her words are reminscent of the Support Our Troops slogan. No one can argue with her because her lines detract from what we are actually debating. Perhaps someone should say, “Ms. Brinker, your money means you have more influence than anyone else and perhaps you should take that responsibility a little more seriously before you partner with companies who use corn syrup as the second ingredient in yogurt or fast food tycoons like KFC.”

Her adversaries come off as whiny, and most importantly not-as-well funded, while she comes off as the lone advocate for a cure. Meanwhile I’m watching the clock. Twenty years have gone by since the conception of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and we still don’t have a cure. Not that she’s responsible, but our country has gotten fatter in the last 20 years. Over 66 percent of people are considered overweight and over 30 percent obsese. So there’s reason to contend that while boobies and the color pink are on my list of favorite things too perhaps we should shift our focus in order to prevent this disease, which takes 40,000 women every year.

Pink is hot. Boobs are great. Komen cries that our country is founded on consumerism. Why can’t we use this killer (sorry) combo for good instead of decoration for super market cupcakes?

The Epilogue

The other thing the article above neglected to mention was how the pink ribbons hurt. I see those pink ribbons on junk food and popultants and I’m saddened. I feel it serves as a dishonor to my mother’s legacy. The pink ribbon is used to condone or even endorse products that directly conflict with what conventional and alternative medicine says about breast cancer and any other disease. Researchers in Food Matters venimently claim that food and vitamins prevent and cure cancer but that unfortunately there is no money to be made in a vitamin, fruit and vegetable cure.
This anecdote isn’t researched-based but one month before my mother died, after she’d lost a lot of her mobility, she and I walked arm in arm up my front walk and she said, “Promise me you’ll always eat well and stay active.” Living by that is how I honor my mother.
In loving memory of my mother Alice Muscarella 1954 – 2006. She was a positive advocate for change, a true fighter, and the most amazing mother I could ever ask for. I am so proud to be her daughter. 


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2 responses to “The Pink Debate: Can’t we use boobs for good?

  1. Very thought provoking, Lauren. You do honor your mother with all that you’re doing. She was lucky to have you as a daughter.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words, Judy. Much love, Lauren

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