What Did Your 2012 Look Like?

Muscarella's First Snowblower

The Muscarella's First Snowblower

The Muscarella family has shoveled around 1,796 inches of snow by hand. But not anymore,Baby. This Christmas my brothers and I surprised my father with a brand spanking new snowblower.

Let’s back up. So the other day I hobbled upon a list of 2012’s most popular baby names. The article claimed 2011’s baby names were all well and good, but what really matters is if those names will withstand the test of time and be popular one year later.

Will it be like Lauren’s 1985 hot streak or a 1970s Farrah 3-year flop? (Aside: My mother’s name Alice is in the top ten for this year!)

This Huffington Post fluffery inspired me to rethink the concept of resolutions. By the by, mine are:

1. The first 6 weeks of 2012 will be without a smidgen of alcohol.

2. I have given up saying, “Relationships and commitment give me hives” and anything of the ilk. I have replaced it with, “This is the year I stop thinking marriage and babies are a tireless commitment of loneliness and depression.”

3. Learn to Salsa.

4. Start the two kisses campaign. It’s a whole thing. Details to follow.

My hopes for 2012 are high and HuffPo is already talking in 2012 recaps. To catch up I took those four resolutions and mixed them with my other secret resolutions. Secret resolutions are the ones I’m too embarrassed to share. Yes, more embarrassing than number two. The result of this heady concoction was a short story about my kick-ass 2012.

By writing about my future as if it was the past, I saw what I wanted so much more clearly. I took some items off. Salsa stayed. Then I added some new things in and made 2012 the best year of my life.

You probably knew this but it’s a well documented fact that the interior of Massachusetts (not Boston) has an average annual snowfall of 69.1 inches. My father bought our home in 1986. That’s 1,796 inches of putting stuff off for way to damn long.

Let’s celebrate 2012 all year with wealth, happiness, peace, true expression and love, and wish love and goodwill for all.

So, what did your 2012 look like?


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