Cheers to Generosity in 2012!

People are funny about money.

2012, a year for generosity & love!

When I was growing up my father would put a certain amount of money away for retirement and for savings. I distinctly remember my mother saying, “Do you know what I could be spending that money on? But no, your father INSISTS on putting some away!”

This comment struck me as odd but not for the reasons you think. My mother never bought new clothes. Ever. She didn’t like expensive jewelry. She wore one gold necklace my father gave her and her wedding ring. She suffered from a pteromerhanophobia so she didn’t travel. She didn’t like eating out much because she preferred her own cooking. Every morsel had to be organic, whole wheat, salt-free and pure.

So what did Mama Alice like to spend money on? Her children. Every art camp, writing camp, and guitar lesson. Her neighbors. She opened her home and fed the masses. Her church. And of course, charities.

Some people with money are happy, some are unhappy. Sometimes I have it, sometimes I don’t. But lucky for me my mother taught me that the best perk to having money is being able to spoil the people you love and to be generous always.

How will you contribute in 2012?

Peace & love,



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2 responses to “Cheers to Generosity in 2012!

  1. Lauren, this is a lovely remembrance. Not surprising, giving your generous spirit, that you took your example from your wonderful Mama.

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