8 Things I Want for My 27th Year (to simplify!)

By Lauren Muscarella

Happy Birthday Cake

I read an article yesterday about a couple who sold their house, quit their jobs and started traveling around the world. Now they’ve been at it for five years.

They didn’t want children or to be tied down, then realized they were slaves to their “successful” desk jobs. Admittedly I read it with a curled lip hunched over my laptop taking a second to roll my eyes at every paragraph.

Now these two are living a dream and writing articles for people like me to subsidize their adventure. (I get a special day-before-my-birthday, bratty dispensation. )

That article haunted me all day.

They didn’t say, ‘Oh hey you can do it too! They were bragging. (Completely my projection, I know.)

Their story reminded me of my favorite E.B. White quote that says something like, I wake up every morning torn between enjoying the world and contributing to the world. It also reminded that I have a personal philosophy and standing rule to always be happy for others. There is plenty of good living to go around, more than enough for everyone. This couple sounds amazing. Not to mention, they do both! They explore while doing a lot of volunteer work. Given my track record and the witty article, I am sure I’d love these two.

But what about that birthday eve disdain I experienced?

I had to ask myself what do I want most. I took some quiet time to reflect on my birthday. I looked at all good aspects like friends and family and all points of contention like professional fulfillment and personal evolution. The resounding theme of everything I thought was I just want to…


From there like a powerful force had overtaken me I came up with this list for my 27th year.

1. Explore more of Boston. I moved out of Washington, D.C. in July 2010. It’s coming up on my two year anniversary and honestly I’m practically a tourist.

2. Buy really nice wine glasses. I love a great glass of wine but my owning-stuff resistance has driven me to using peasant glasses.

3. Learn Spanish. One of my best friends is Columbian. I have no excuse and being able to speak another language would bring me so much joy. (Maybe a little Russian too.)

4. Write every day. Writing is the only thing that turns day to night in a flash.

5. Visit more of my friends in their new cities.

6. Become organized like Martha Stewart on steroids.

7. Tech-free! Set aside one technology-free day.

8. More tech! Set aside one day to learn about technology.

Now this goals may lead to a lot of worldly traveling, they may not. Whatever is simpler.

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One response to “8 Things I Want for My 27th Year (to simplify!)

  1. If you need help/want to practice once you start learning Spanish, I’m on the other end of an email. I wish you the best of luck with that, and all of your other goals. I’d like to join you on number four, so that I might be able to make my eventual dream of a book about my experience a reality, but bearing in mind that I’m also studying for my degree, it could be a challenge. 🙂

    Best wishes,


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