Infant Baldness

Me and Mama Alice. She never liked this pic, but you can see the classic Alice wings (her hair) and my lack of hair. 😦 I honestly didn't know until recently that it was abnormal for me to be bald for the first three years of my life.

This list of discoveries recaps all of the things I’ve learned in my journey to self-fulfillment, liberation, and inner peace. Some discoveries apply to dealing with my mother’s passing and others are just general positivity. If you have something to add to the list, email me!

Discovery #6 Be grateful for the time I did have with my mother and respect it. From: Wedding Dresses for Everyone!

Discovery #5 Keep track of what works. So far I have 1. Project to continue my relationship with Mama Alice. 2. Volunteer. 3. Humor. 4. Smile… forcibly. From: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Discovery #4 Giving back is really one of the best ways to heal a heart in need of mending. From: Fear–who cares? Now Disembark!

Discovery #3 When people give their sympathy I should accept it not deflect it. From: Fear–who cares? Now Disembark!

Discovery #2 Acknowledging why you are thankful helps to attract positivity into your life. Plus forgiving your lost loved ones their trespasses can be liberating. From: 5 Things To Be Thankful For: A Mission Has Begun

Discovery #1 My mom always encouraged her children, husband, friends of her children, friends of friends, strangers and pretty much anyone to pursue their passion. From: My First Post


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