Trauma to Art


Sacred being, spirit has breathed into you the breath of life to become a living soul. You are the immeasurable potential of all. - Deepak Chopra

Trauma to Art (T2A) Mission: To encourage artistic expression from those who have experienced loss.

Every month on we have a discussion topic where readers submit comments and essays about their battle with grief. Tell My Story contributions can be submitted at any time. I work with writers to craft an essay. It’s a cathartic process. The act of expressing yourself doesn’t require much time but we work slowly to create something that helps the writer and the reader.

My inspiration for t2a: With all the despair art prevails. Just yesterday I spoke with the author of T2A’s first submission, Sarah Thomas. I confided that ever since I started blogging on Mama Quest it has been much easier to cope with loss of my mother. I mentioned that at times I would take my pent up frustration out on scapegoats like my boyfriend, my friends, my family, my coworkers, the person making my sandwich… I’m generally a positive, friendly person, but every now and then I can’t be.

Then two things happened. One, my boyfriend, who I love very much, and I took a brief break. This gift of time let me reflect and as a result I stopped talking about the idea of Mama Quest and actually went for it. I put myself out there, which is unbelievably petrifying but simultaneously liberating. Then I was laid off from my job. A job I hid behind. Sometimes you have a vision of what you want your life to be but you need a push. The layoff is one of the best things that has happened to me. From that humility came T2A!

Now I am very happy to introduce T2A’s first contribution! Read It takes a lion hearted girl by Sarah Thomas!  In this poignant essay, Sarah recounts her struggles with a series of aggressive male influences and shares how she channels the power of a lioness to overcome life’s less desirable obstacles. Her experience is inspiring and best of all it’s uncensored.

After submitting the essay Sarah told me, ‘Just writing that one piece has helped me so much.’ Sarah’s response confirmed my amature hypothesis. Having an outlet for expression with the support to back it up can help us deal with whatever the world throws our way.

T2A Inspiration: Read a candid account of my struggle to find a positive coping mechanism here.

If you have a piece of artistic expression to contribute email me at


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